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Must be wondering whether this is what really matters or water really matter? Well, it’s a twist, and a combination of both – water and what, and it’s about water management solution. But before that, some thought’s on what’s happening.

World Water Day was celebrated on March 22, 2018, and tons of tweets, videos, and millions of suggestions poured out… just like the water that goes waste. If only we could conserve water by “top 5 water saving methods,” we could have probably achieved a lot on water conservation. But all these lead to one question from our side.

Do you as individuals or as a home know how much water you use daily?

(Source: https://twitter.com/TrinityResists/status/978705096492986368)

If you do not know the metrics, how can you act on it to improve it? Most methods of water conservation will work if we know the numbers of – what happened and the changes incorporated which bettered the situation.

In India, water scarcity is staring at most metro cities already. The solution is that most of these cities know the overall supply metrics of their side, but not much about the other sources like groundwater.

If an impact has to be made at an individual level and at the homes, helping the residents with measurement of usage, daily or hourly will help to optimize the usage.

Water Management Solution:

At METI, we have developed the solution to monitor the usage periodically, daily, weekly, and understand, optimise the usage. 

To conserve fresh water, concepts like water utilization efficiency to subsurface irrigation to xeriscaping (cultivation of plants requiring little water) are spoken about. But the nearest or the “low-hanging fruit” for saving water is to understand the usage and take corrective action. For that knowing how much we use is the first step.

METI hopes to make a difference before the next “World Water Day”

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