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3 Reasons to monitor temperature in an Industrial applications

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Temperature is one of the most monitored parameter across spectrum of industries. Temperature measurement of various industrial process are constantly recorded using various techniques. But often it is quite ignored, with almost no information passed on to different levels in a factory. Here we tell you top 3 reasons to monitor various temperatures in an industry centrally.

1. Quality assurance of Product/component:

For any product rejected for quality, loss happens in entire chain from raw material, human effort, power, time to market and with all other components of the eco system that an industry needs to invest to make a product. Processes like annealing needs the right temperature to be maintained for the right amount of time to get right quality output. Glass manufacturing needs accurate temperatures through out the process to be maintained to get the right strength.
With today’s logging systems, the quality issues are mostly identified through batch tests or the customer facility, which may result in batch recalls.

2. Sample storage:

Tissue culture samples in biotech and pharmaceutical industry needs right temperature for optimum growth. Change in temperature can only mean a loss of manhours.

Eg: Biotechnology, Pharma, Agriculture

3. Maintaining life of product. Eg: Beverages, food

If product demands controlled temperature for its life, on violation of specification, not only end product is lost, but components of an entire chain to create the product will have its impact. Cold storage system not only require monitoring for maintaining temperature but also to save energy. The temperature monitoring systems with intelligence can also act as an energy monitoring system and can help detect leakages in the system.

To summarise, in all the above cases, losses boil down to and reflect in employee pay check and with natural progression hits the per capita income when economics is worked out at national level. It’s interesting and surprising to know effect of one parameter called temperature!

How do you choose a right temperature monitoring for your Industrial application?
From decades industries are first to adapt new technologies to automate and maximise their profits. A simple temperature sensor like PT100, could be connected to various temperature data loggers. Below table gives an idea of data collection to information generation to decision making, towards quality by monitoring of a temperature in an industrial process.

For more information on how to monitor temperature in your industry contact the author geeteshns@meti.in


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