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Engaging New Audiences Through Smart Approach

Started in April 2012 with an innovation of remote monitoring products development and beta deployment of its services, METI M2M India Pvt Ltd was incorporated in the year 2014 with an unflinching focus to empower Indian industries with Industry 4.0 solutions that gives a competitive edge.

Over the past six years, by serving more than 100+ clients, our team has gained experience and expertise to develop and deploy Industry 4.0 solutions. This makes our solution reliable and easy to adapt.

With effective consultation and requirement analysis we offer the right Industry 4.0 hardware and analytics platform that is aimed at increasing the efficiency of the industries.

About Shape
About Shape
About Shape


METI is a digital transformation company with a strong R&D focus in hardware, software & human resources, building holistic and scalable solutions enabling our customers to compete globally through value addition. We do this with a goal of “Inclusive customer solutions” and by providing key performance metrics, thus increasing customer’s profit and timely ROI. We believe in teamwork and have an enabling environment that takes care of our stakeholders.

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Narayana Swamy M.K

A passionate engineer with a 25 years of vast and versatile experience of development of RDBMS to embedded development to architecturing the entire product cycle. Gifted with an inquisitive capacity to cover the entire spectrum and beyond in the ultra and infra range technology, he has applied for three US patents in the capacitive sensing. At METI he drives customer experience, R&D and product development.

Founder & CEO

Geethesh N.S

You can’t miss something with him around. He bring experience in academics and electronics industry for over 24 years. His vast knowledge in Administration, Human Resource Management, Manufacturing, Quality and Reliability helps in “driving” METI towards milestones. He likes to work towards institutionalizing the process and driving the changes. At METI his major activity is taking care of operations.

Co-Founder & COO

Praveen Kumar

With feet on the ground, Praveen comes with Over 24 years of solid experience in Business Development, Marketing, Channel Management, Factory management, etc., Specialized in Identifying, qualifying and pursuing business opportunities through market surveys and mapping as per targeted plans as well as through lead generation. At METI he is focussed on sales and marketing.

Co-Founder & SM

Vinod Krishnan

Vinod comes from a strong technical background, and is one of the two backbones of METI. A sought after tech person, from architecting solutions to trouble shooting issues, he has the eyes for details. Vinod pulls together the solutions for METI products, and also leads the efforts of cracking the new challenges that customer facing sales, marketing and support teams get into. He is passionate about training.

Director – Software Engineering