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    What(er) really matters!

    Must be wondering whether this is what really matters or water really matter? Well, it’s a twist, and a combination of both – water and what, and it’s about water management solution. But before that, some thought’s on what’s happening. World Water Day was celebrated on March 22, 2018, and tons of tweets, videos, and...
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    GE Digital blog post

    Digital Transformation Journey of General Electric

    Digital Transformation has been the new trend in the industrial arena since the advent of IIoT and the fourth Industrial Revolution. Restructuring the present industry, to fit the needs of the Industry 4.0, to increase the Productivity and Operational efficiencies, is called as Digital Transformation. This is a step by step process and the initiati...
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    industry downtime and IIoT

    Industry downtime costs and solutions through Industrial IoT

    Technology has turned out real fast in the past decade, and everything that was thought as impossibility, has turned out to be possibility today! From landing the rockets back on to the launch pads to launching cars to the Mars, to understanding the industry downtime costs in real-time, we have proved the strength of mankind....
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    Productivity and benefits of Industrial IoT in Manufacturing

    Productivity and benefits of Industrial IoT in Manufacturing

    The need for industries to be ready for the changing times and innovative technologies is creating space for issues like Operational Efficiencies, Productivity and other related process to be brought into mainstream. The main intent of an industry is to create solutions for customer challenges, and thereby grow. Certain crises that arise in the ind...
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    industrial IoT from METI for automotive sector

    Improve operational efficiency in manufacturing through Industrial IoT

    Operational Efficiency is the ability of a firm to deliver its products and services to the customers with the adequate use of the available resources, incurring low cost of operation. Setting up a business is one thing and running it successfully through long is whole another story. After establishing a firm foothold in the market,...
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    indsutry 4.0 and smart manufacturing

    What is Industrial IoT or IIoT?

    Internet is one magnanimous impact on mankind since the day it hit the limelight. Couple of days ago, I happened to come across a pun on the internet where, Alexa and Apple Home assistants placed in the same room started conversing with themselves, pulling each other’s legs, it seemed fun and fantastic imagining being in...

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