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How Indian Industries can Break the Wall of Uncertainty and Start Industry 4.0 Small?

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. This applies to Industry 4.0 implementation as well because countries like Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea are gearing-up for Industry 4.0 implementation by being among the top thirty countries ready for industry 4.0, leaving behind India at 91st rank. It is time Indian industries take the step towards Industry 4.0 implementation.

India has to adopt Industry 4.0 for three reasons:

  • In order to compete globally or at-least among other Asian countries.
  • Other Asian countries are now implementing high technology and reducing labour cost (the one advantage Indian Industries have).
  • Industry 4.0 can be implemented by industries of all sizes irrespective of the no. robots deployed at the factory. This technology gives the much need leverage for Indian industries to skip few of the technological advancements made in the past era by European countries and level-up the competency by adopting Industry 4.0

So, why are Indian industries taking a back step to Industry 4.0? 

Industry 4.0 is a new technology in India and its diffusion is taking time because of uncertainty and fear of technology.

Here, rather than the Indian industries, the technology is to blame because of the vast applications, promises and possibilities it holds from IoT to Cyber physical systems to AI, causing the fear and wall of uncertainty. The only solution for this is to implement the technology by starting small with clear goals/specifications.

Ex: digitize the shop-floor by connecting the machines to the internet to fetch the data and make data-driven decisions for productivity improvement. Machines connected to the internet provides enough data on all production and process parameters to identify gaps in operation efficiency and propel the organization towards overall efficiency enhancement. 

Implementation of Industry 4.0 for predictive maintenance, product tracking, inventory management and demand forecasting can be taken-up when the technology becomes a part of the organization’s culture and fear of technology and uncertainty exists no more.

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