In today's competitive landscape, pharmaceutical industries have to be very efficient, for quality products as well as to meet the international regulatory norms. The primary driving factor is to get the optimum out of machines, manpower and reduce wastage of material.

Pharma industries need to track processes involved in production. Monitoring temperature, pressure, humidity, pH level plays a critical role at the factory floor. Raw materials need to be tracked for quality.

All these, including energy consumption need to get tracked for ensuring the optimum utilization of the investment in pharmaceutical facility. METI helps you through the production and process.

pharma-sector-3 -digital-transformation

When business output is directly related to the manufacturing plant, industries need to modernise the plant to be effective with the lowest cost possible. Our Production monitoring suite can help you optimise manufacturing.

  • Real time OEE and Operator efficiency
  • Minor and Major downtime monitoring
  • Process monitoring
  • Downtime tracking with Operator interface synced with Machine data
  • Traceability
  • Energy per unit product
  • Consumables and wastage tracking.

How does it work ?

Our hardware METI Impertio can connect to various Sensors, PLCs to capture machine data and deliver it to our cloud platform through GPRS. Our cloud based analytics tool and android app provides you level based Data. Add to this machine downtime and batch tracebility, you can monitor your entire factory on a single platform.

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