The Food and Beverages manufacturing set-ups need to track processes involved in production. Monitoring temperature, pressure, humidity, pH level is critical at the factory floor. These have not just become a necessity but are also useful in tracking issues that customers may face in the future.

The need for going towards these modern processes is being felt industry-wide, and those who are adopting to these modern smart manufacturing practices have found tremendous benefits. One of METI's clients have been consistently improving it's processes in quality and energy consumption. These results from Industrial IoT has made them implement our solutions nation-wide.

METI's industrial IoT solutions for FMCG sector ensures that these business and production challenges are taken care.

METI is focused towards optimizing automotive manufacturing sector. Our Production monitoring suite can help you optimize manufacturing.

  • Real time OEE and Operator efficiency
  • Minor and Major downtime monitoring
  • Downtime tracking with Operator interface synced with Machine data
  • Traceability
  • Energy per part
  • Consumables and wastage tracking

How does it work ?

Our hardware METI Impertio can connect to various Sensors, PLCs to capture machine data and deliver it to our cloud platform through GPRS. Our cloud based analytics tool and android app provides you level based KPIs.

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