meti since 6 plus years

Six years in IoT

Our technical expertise goes six years deep in IoT. We breathe the language of machines, every day.

more than 90 clients of METI - The Industrial IoT Company

Backed by 90+ clients

Backed by 90+ clients and their TRUST. Some took two years for the first order, and an email for the next!

Industrial IoT company METI's tags in 30000 machines

30,000+ Sensors

We get REAL-TIME data 30,000 plus sensors across many industries and segments giving us deep expertise.

Industrial IoT Company METIs Solutions based on tags

12 Million+ Tags

Our 12 plus million tags (big data!) monitored daily ensures the platform's depth to delight our customers.

Factory Floor Management Solutions

REAL-TIME monitoring of your process and production

Your Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Partner, making YOUR MANUFACTURING, SMART. Our solutions tuned to provide REAL-TIME data at:

  • Machine Level Real-Time Data:

    Performance, Availability, Major and Minor Downtimes, OEE
  • Factory Level Real-Time Data:

    Production Planning, Floor level KPIs, Downtime history, Operator history, Bottlenecks
  • Executive Level Real-Time Data:

    Multi factory dashboard, Reduce WIP time, Energy Consumption, Quality and wastage, Integrate Supplier data
  • These are enablers for better decisions, better impact and long-term sustainability. It's time we turn the industries COMPETITIVE. That's what we have set out to do.


Our Solar Monitoring Solutions has been one of the widely accepted solutions in the segment. We monitor large scale solar operations by providing REAL-TIME data on the performance of solar units. From temperature to amount of sun light availability including various other data is available.

real-time solar monitoring solutions from METI


See the unseen. Visibility that hits you. Probes you to ask questions like “How did this happen?” “How did we miss this?” “What could have been done better?” “How can we fix this?”

We have been trusted to deliver uncompromising results on quality as well as unflinching trust worthy data for decision making by our clients. Our clients trust us to give them REAL data so that the right decisions are made.

Like our technology overseeing the manufacturing process that has a high benchmark on quality for delivering tube valves. And when our customer speak about giving the best fruit juice to their customers, they are trusting our technology to help them. These are business impact that we happily work for our customers, in REAL-TIME!

Talk to us to know how we can help you monitor your manufacturing process, on the Shop floor in REAL-TIME!

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