Since the day of Inception in 2014, METI has been focusing on capturing data from various machines with ease. We have been building platforms to connect different sensors and machines with various protocols.

In the past 3 years, we have added clients from various industries in Manufacturing, F&B, Pharma and Solar segments. We have 70+ customers so far from various industry segments. Our database handles 5 million tags every day.

METI Customers

We are moving from data driven systems to Information driven systems. Our manufacturing suite can capture production data, energy and downtime data along with manual entries from downtime tracking and quality inputs. This is where the machine, man and material data sync and you get the big picture of a factory. We can add traceability to your factory floor and can bring accountability to machine downtime.

Our Solar suite is customised to provide String Level information for predictive maintenance.

Our cold food storage suite can help you deduct failure, send you alerts when the right conditions are not met. Prevent spoilage of food, beverages and dairy products.

Our Platform as a service model will help industries reduce CAPEX needed and deploy our solutions. Subscribe to know more about our pricing options to fit your Industrial application.

The biggest challenge we face is with the Machine interfaces. The non standard protocols used by various PLC suppliers is the biggest challenge in gathering machine data. Our Plug and Play platform is moving towards protocol independent solutions for manufacturing and packaging industry.

Our analytics team is working on adding segments and industry specific intelligence to data. Like predicting the failure of your milling or CNC tool.

METI’s Journey so far
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