Being one of the best SUNFLOWER OIL BRANDS in India, Sunpure from M.K. Agrotech had to take a route to win the hearts of the customers. And that had to be CHEMICAL FREE refining. The quality department that worked to perfect the process had to get data points to monitor that the process is working as defined.

Our technology enabled the quality to be monitored in REAL-TIME, there by helping in achieving the quality and purity that is visible.

Visible purity monitored

Sunpure's sunflower oil which the company proudly states is the most revoloutionary refined sunflower oil has truly touched the hearts of customers.

MK Agrotech sunpure quality testing

Ongoing Quality Testing

According to M.K. Agrotech, the company that produces Sunpure Sunflower oil, the oil is produced by refining naturally extracted crude oil from sunflower seeds.

REAL-TIME decisions

The high quality refining process retains the natural goodness of sunflower oil without using any kind of chemicals adhering to exacting international standards.

Sunpure, the most revolutionary sunflower oil manufactured in India without chemicals is loved by the customers. The company that has been growing in leaps and bounds has quality at its core philosophy. The quality department does ongoing research to enhance the experience of the product, including regular testing to ensure that international quality norms are adhered to.

METI's Industrial IoT solutions has enhanced this by ensuring the availability of right data, at the right time for decisions that can impact the customer experience, thus impacting the top line and bottom line. By providing visibility in real-time of all the process and production on laptop and mobile devices, the quality parameters as well as production processes are now available real-time for enhancing data based decisions.

Thus ensuring high quality sunflower crude oil is monitored to adhere to exacting international standards. The packaging process which is extremely precise and entirely automated, with absolutely no human contact with the oil ensures the goodness of health, delivered to customers.

MK Agro Sunpure factory inside picture
MK Agro General Manager Mr Subba Rao
Mr Subba RaoGeneral Manager, M.K. Agro Tech
This technology has not only enhanced our visibility, but also provided us with new data for better decisions. Now, I can monitor all that's happening on our shop floor. I would say, all industries should adopt this technology.

We are always open to work with you to ensure that you get the best of whatever you are doing. Be it quality or production or process monitoring. We will help you with REAL data for better decisions. Enhancing the business impact for you.

Our solution will bring in ROI within in a few months. Our customers have demonstrated it themselves. Now, that's something they keep speaking about. How we not just gave them ROI in a matter of few months, but also have improved their saving, revenue and profits. Now, that's something that we love doing.